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Welcome to Digital Airbrushing, I am a freelance photo airbrusher/retoucher providing a professional photo airbrushing service including airbrushing wedding photos. I meticulously airbrush and retouch your photos using a Wacom pen and tablet. I provide full attention to every bit of detail when photo airbrushing.

My Photo Airbrushing service provides the ideal solution for various customers, from models who wish to improve their portfolios, to anybody who just wants to look great on their Facebook profile! Either portrait photos, or airbrushing wedding photos, or even your holiday photos. I also specialise in adult/nude photo airbrushing.

Photo airbrushing by pen on tablet Photos individually airbrushed by a professional, not a computer! I use my experience and expertise to carefully airbrush/retouch each part of your photo, making your photos look their best, but realistic at the same time.

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Wedding Photographer North West

As well as being a professional wedding photography retoucher, I am also a professional wedding photographer based in Warrington North West, providing high-end wedding photography in Cheshire and across the North West including photography for Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan and Chester. I pride myself on providing a premium professional wedding photography service whilst also being laid back, friendly and extremely efficient, offering beautiful and creative wedding photography at very reasonable prices. My wedding photography prices are fair and straight forward with no hidden fees. Please do have a look at my wedding photography website for more info if you are looking for a high-end wedding photographer in North West with reasonable prices:

Although I am based in Warrington and I photograph weddings for all of the North West, I do get a lot of people looking for a Manchester Wedding Photographer. I love to photograph weddings in Manchester as this is where I grew up, I am proud to provide a professional wedding photography service in Manchester, covering weddings in various hotels, to Manchester Town Hall, and I love to get wedding street photography around the streets of Manchester.

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PHOTO AIRBRUSHING - Professional photo airbrushing service from Digital Airbrushing.

Here at Digital Airbrushing we provide the highest quality of service possible. We combine our knowledge of the best photo retouching software with our experience in professional high end photo airbrushing and retouching to ensure we offer a fantastic airbrushing service.

Our retouching photo service is ideal for Facebook profile pictures. An excellent low price for a fully professional airbrushed portrait, you can have your profile pic looking amazing. Why not have your eyes look that more vibrant and colourful, why not let your teeth look that little bit whiter on your photo. If your not quite happy with the shape of your nose, why not have it slightly retouched, or have your wrinkles reduces so they are less noticable on your photo or photos.

Here at Digital Airbrushing we know that people will find a photo that they love, but not necessarily love themselves in the photo. So lets say for example its a fave holiday photo with an amazing background and you are proud of the photo but you thhink your face and neck look a little large or too round, then the answer is photo airbrushing. After Digital Airbrushing have airbrushed your photo, you can then be proud of yourself in the photo as well as the background. So, to be even more proud of a photo its easy to turn to photo airbrushing.

Photo Airbrushing isnt a bad thing. Most people will probably want the airbrushing service, but wont want their friends to know they have had their photos retouched. There is nothing wrong with keeping it your little secret. If you want to have your nose slightly changed on all your wedding photos, thats not a problem, and nobody need know. It can be our little secret. Lets face it, when it comes to photo airbrushing, the celebs get it done, so why cant you!

So you might be wondering what are the usual things people ask for on their photos to have airbrushed and retouched. When it comes to portrait airbrushing, the most effective retouch to a photo is the subject's eyes. Just with the eyes alone there are so many little tweaks that can be applied to improve the photo. Retouching the whites of the eyes is the first place to start, including clearing and little blood vessels.

Many other photo airbrushing and retouching services will take short cuts. For example, they sometimes just put a soft glow over the entire photo to make the subject look like they have smoother skin. But doing this also effects parts of the photo that shouldnt be smoothed, like eyes, lips and nose. They also may put a blur effect over the whole photo, again causing the same problem. In my eyes this isnt fantastic airbrushing services at all! I take care and attention to detail on every single photo, and dont just cheat by doing a few quick clicks. I use high-end equipment which lets me draw by hand using a special pen to retouch all areas of your photos.

Here at Digital Airbrushing I offer a high-end photo airbrushing service. With the high-end service, I spend extra time and care to every tiny piece of detail. I zoom right in to all the little blemishes and carefully remove and correct to achieve a high quality professional finish. Once the photos have been retouched and airbrushed they are then ready for their end use, from magazine covers to large billboards, all because of high quality photo airbrushing.

Many people when arranging their wedding and wedding photographer, they may not even think of airbrushing wedding photos. Brides and grooms will often want to look their best on their wedding photos, and they will probably spend a lot of money on their wedding photographer. It is worth considering that for just a little extra money they can have their wedding photos airbrushed to make their photos look even more special. With Digital Airbrushing, your wedding photos can be retouched and airbrushed as much or as little as you like. Please email Digital Airbrushing if you have any questions regarding airbrushing wedding photos.

Warrington Photographer
Also, to let you know, I am also a wedding and event photographer in Warrington, covering photography in Warrington and Cheshire and the North West. My photography service covers, family photography, children portraits, pets, event photography and weddings, please visit my photography site for more details:

As well as family photos/portiraits being retouched and airbrushed, I also offer a professional boudoir photo airbrushing service. This service provide a quality airbrushing service for nude photos, boudoir photos and pin up style photos. This photo airbrushing service is used by various customers including the following. Models looking to improve their photo portfolio. Escorts looking to update and improve their online website photos by using photo airbrushing.

Airbrush my wedding photos has been quite a popular search engine term that many people of been using when looking to have their wedding photos professionaly airbrushed. More and more brides and grooms alike are realising that for only a little extra cost they can have their wedding photos just how they want them, airbrushed to their specifications. The most popular requirement for brides on their photos is just to look a little slimmer, and I specialise in being able to make subtle changes making sure all my wedding photo customers are completely happy with their photos.

Photo airbrushing for models has become more and more popular in recent months and years. Previously even models would associate airbrushing with heavy over the top skin softening, but more and more models are now realising that they can have their photos airbrushed as subtle as they want. Some models just want their lips to be retouched and airbrushed, or maybe just have their nose or jaw line slightly airbrushed. Of course, some models would still prefer to go for the full on heavily airbrushed look, it just depends on the purpose of the photo. Sitemap
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